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Swimming Pools Purification Plants ( Specifications TU 4859-005-03149576-2013)

Basic competitive advantages:

  •  The water treatment flow process  provides for the optimum combination of UV radiation and hydrodynamic cavitation,  thus  ensuring water purification  in compliance with SanPIN requirements:
  • achieved results
  • - during water treatment, ozone is used as a subsidiary product of the  physical processes  and the plant does not require  the use of ozone plant and the  production cost of water treatment plant is reduced  by  30%.  Power consumption  also drops during the operation.

       Weight and dimensions of the plant are  50 to 60% less than those of counterparts.

  • The manufacturing and  design solutions are protected by patents of the Russian Federation .
  • Performance characteristics :

       capacity: 2.5,10.25m/hr ; voltage 380V, frequency 50 Hz