ООО "МИП"Энергосберегающие технологии"

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Sewage Wastewater Purification Plant

The plant is intended for treating the  sewage wastewaters.

The plant may be of stationary, shipboard or  mobile configuration

Competitive advantages
1.Small weight and dimensions
2.Low power consumption
3.High purification rate
4.Low expenses for  consumables.
As a result,  the plant has  low installation and  operational costs

            Performance characteristics:

  • Waste water treatment capacity , m3/hr -2.0
  • Power consumption, kW – 3.0
  • Overall dimensions (L,B,H -2000х900х2100
  • Weight (dry), kg -1,200
  • operating mode – intermittent or 24 hr operation
  • There are  СОСВ-2;СОСВ -5 and  СООС -10 sewage water treatment plants which are manufactured in compliance with TU 4859-004-03149576-2012 , validity period  - till 3 March 2022;