ООО "МИП"Энергосберегающие технологии"

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Our Awards

1.The technologies and equipment  for swimming pools were developed in 2013 and they  are a first-prize winner in the Russian technologies network transfer  rating ( www.rttn.ru)
    2. The design and manufacturing solutions are protected by 2 patents of the Russian Federation.
   3.In 2013, this project for chlorine-free treatment of water in swimming pools was  are awarded with President’s grant of 2nd degree. 

1.The design and manufacturing solutions applied in these plants are protected with 2 patents of the Russian Federation.

2. The product is a gold medal winner at ITEX 13 International Innovations and Inventions Exhibit in Malaysia.

3. The world experts opinion received under the program for import substitution of items by domestic ship building components including the use of СОСВ plants for treatment of sewage waters at offshore installations