ООО "МИП"Энергосберегающие технологии"

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Drinking Water Purification and Conditioning Plants

  • Competitive advantages
  • Required amount of ozone is decreased by two times
  • Ozone is made from oxygen on the site of its use;
  • the plant does not require a  coagulating agent for filtering the water and the compressed air for ozone generation;
  • all major equipment is made from corrosion-proof materials
  • dimensions and weight of the plants are 2.5 to 3 times less compared to other domestic and foreign-made counterparts,   owning to unique filter design providing the required contact time of ozone followed by filtration.
  • Performance characteristics:
  • capacity – 1…100  m3/hr;
  • Ozone amount – 3.5…5 g О3/m3 H2O;
  • specific  air consumption for generation  of ozone – 0.09 m3g О3;
  • electric current– 220/380 V 50 Hz.

       The structural and manufacturing solutions are protected by 5 patents of RF.